Automate Like a Beast with Raycast

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Raycast logo over a multicolor gradient background

As a designer, I love exploring new tools to speed up design and dev. Right now, I’m super impressed with how much Raycast can accelerate your workflow.

What is it?

Raycast is Mac-only app like Spotlight, Alfred, and whatever other launcher software you may have used, but with a built-in store for using new extensions, which are released all the time. Browser bookmarks, including Firefox as part of search? Yup, Raycast does that too! Also, you can add custom keywords or key commands to fire specific extensions.

And the best part, all these features are free.

My favorite extensions

Raycast has everything, and has replaced almost the entirety of my utility application suite.

  • Use Rectangle to manage your windows? Use the built-in Window Management extension.
  • Need a snippet managing tool like Lepton? Use the built-in Snippets extension instead
  • Want clipboard management like Pelican? Use the built-in Clipboard History instead.
  • Keep your screen awake with Amphetamine? Use the Coffee extension instead.
  • Hide desktop icons for presentations? Use Toggle Visibility.

And there are so many more awesome things like opening batches of apps or URL using Xecutor, or tapping into all sorts of system settings, processes, and so on.

Design tools

Also, designers can generate placeholder text with the OpenAI GPT3 extension. This can generate realistic sounding placeholder text, which can be used to create mockups of user interfaces or to fill in the gaps in a product’s design. (That last sentence was generated within Raycast).

Finally, there is of course the standard Lorem Ipsum extension and the Random Data Generator extension to get things like phone numbers, names, credit card numbers, and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Go get this awesome app and accelerate your workflow too!


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