You Don’t Need College?

Taking a quick break from my web captions series as I work through bug review with Mozilla, and also happen to be on kid duty this evening. I wanted to share a bit about my journey as a designer to encourage those that either may not have the resources for college, don’t want student debt, […]

New CSS Hacks to Target Safari

While trying to create a new scalable way to support Dynamic Type on iOS devices, I ran into a snag where it also affected Desktop Safari font sizes. After playing around, I came up with what I believe to be new Safari and iOS CSS targeting hacks. /* iOS browsers */ @supports(font:-apple-system-body) and (-webkit-touch-callout:default){}   […]

State of the site 2021

Last year I started this site back up again as a place for me to post content. I’ve posted about random thoughts, design, accessibility, tips & tricks, or processes that work for me. I’d like to reflect on the state of the site so far for 2021. Goals for the state of the site 2021 […]

Live Finally

After years offline and relying on 3rd party social media, my site is finally back online! Why I’m Back The independent web is dying. Massive (and helpful) services such as a Google, Facebook, Cloudflare, Medium, and so on are consuming everything. While this does create some ubiquity on the web, it presents a few concerning […]