Testing display of HTML elements

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This is a normal paragraph. To add some length to it, let us mention that this page was primarily written for testing the effect of user style sheets. You can use it for various other purposes as well, like just checking how your browser displays various HTML x1 and H20 elements by default. It can also be useful when testing conversions from HTML format to other formats, since some elements can go wrong then.

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element. Authors may use such elements instead of paragraph markup for various reasons.
This is a block quotation containing a single paragraph. Well, not quite, since this is not really quoted text, but I hope you understand the point. After all, this page does not use HTML markup very normally anyway.
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  1. Ordered
  2. List
Definition list
Reveals definitions
Order and position of items in a location
Link tag CSS radar Big tag Cite tag Lots of data Deleted tag dfn tag Insert tag Keyboard tag Quote tag Mark tag Meter tag: 2 out of 10 32% progress Sample tag Span tag Small tag Strikethrough tag Strikethrough tag shorthand Underlined tag Var tag Bi-directional layout tag Bi-directional override tag
Legend Radio button Checkbox
Col TH Col TH w/o scope
Row TH w/o scopeTD

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Details element

Object tag not supported
Empty intentionally
Figcaption empty intentionally
Computer Your browser does not support the canvas tag