Web Captions 1 – History and Formats

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​While compiling a video recently for my company’s design site, I was flagged for forgetting a web captions file. Being both an accessibility advocate and having never created one of these assets before, I did some research and manually crafted one for the minute-long piece. It was fascinating. It’s practically never talked about in the […]

Respect Font Preferences 2 – REM Isn’t the Answer

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In part 1 of Respecting Font Preferences, I discussed how in almost every major browser, users have the option to adjust the font family and sizes of their fonts to meet their unique needs. However, just because one font family is set to an equivalent of 16 pixels (the common default), does not mean another […]

Common animation transitions

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A while back when reviewing common animation transitions for pages & elements I compiled a massive list of web-based motion and how I recommend you use them. Remember, using a ‘prefers-reduced-motion’ fallback doesn’t mean you must remove all animation. Reduce X or Y pixel movement and keep transition speeds gentle. Crossfades, color shifts, and blurs […]

Screen-reader-friendly Emojis

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Emojis. Love them or hate them, they’re part of our online experience. Well for most of us. I was recently messing around with these fun little pictograms and thought “Hey. What do they sound like to a screen reader? Is it possible to make screen-reader-friendly emojis?” Unsurprisingly, the support for readback was very patchy. Testing […]

Mostly FOSS Setup Text-to-speech for Android

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While doing exploration on a larger article I’m currently writing, I realized that my FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Android ways prevented me from using most Google services. I thought this also meant Talkback, the only AT (Assistive Technology) for Android. However, on further exploration, Talkback is bundled into the “Android Accessibility Suite” which […]