Bento Break 15 – July 23, 2021

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The slightly belated Bento Break 15 is finally here. Data viz and a11y explorations by Apple, and some innovative artist work. Apple’s Accessible Data Viz This is the next unstandardized frontier in accessibility Designing for cognitive needs Some nice practical decisions A deeper data dive Apple’s Dev Docs go deeper into audible cues for data […]

Windows 11 Quick Design Impressions

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If you haven’t heard, Microsoft recently announced Windows 11, a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. After seeing the event, here were my Windows 11 design impressions. Aesthetic It’s clear that they’ve spent a ton of time redesigning the core look, but it also feels like the natural (or ‘borrowed’) result of recent design trends. […]

Uncommon Design Tokens

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If you’ve worked on design systems at all, more than likely you’ve heard of design tokens. If you haven’t heard of design tokens, they are the essence of what makes your system feel unique, often stored as variables in some sort of tech-agnostic format like JSON. Even this site uses a form of design tokens […]