Respecting Font Preferences – REM isn’t the answer (Part 2)

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In part 1 of Respecting Font Preferences, I discussed how in almost every major browser, users have the option to adjust the font family and sizes of their fonts to meet their unique needs. However, just because one font family is set to an equivalent of 16 pixels (the common default), does not mean another […]

Respecting User Font Preferences – What’s Possible (Part 1)

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Content is king. So respecting how users choose to consume that content is absolutely critical. (PS: If you’re just here to see how to scale iOS font sizes to respect user preferences, click here for that and the TLDR) Out with the old Early in my career, I consistently chose a fixed pixel size for […]

Are Billboards Accidental Propaganda?

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This article is more of a musing than anything in-depth. I just returned from the most magical place on Earth, Disney World & Universal Studios. The execution of the work, scenery, rides, immersion in the newer areas of each park was baffling to the point of feeling cathedral-like. While returning from the hotel to the […]