You Don’t Need College?

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Taking a quick break from my web captions series as I work through bug review with Mozilla, and also happen to be on kid duty this evening. I wanted to share a bit about my journey as a designer to encourage those that either may not have the resources for college, don’t want student debt, […]

Web Captions 3 ā€“ Caption Styling Challenges

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You’ve learned how the industry uses captions, now let’s take a look at browser defaults and spec compliance to see what’s even possible to style. Here we go! What Browsers Do By Default Web captions render very differently from OS-to-OS and browser-to-browser. I’ve tested what rendering looks like on the latest versions of everything: MacOS […]

Incredibly Useful Online Tools

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There are so many incredibly useful online tools on the web these days, just lying around for free. And with CSS Tricks recently posting an article about lots of the neat helper sites, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite online resource as well, that help me (and others) design at warp speed. […]

Design Hacks – More Color Hacks

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Last time in the series, I highlighted some really nice hacks others shared to up your color game. This time, I’d like to share a few of my own design color hacks for UI design. Avoid Intense Neutrals Just because white on black is the best contrast you can get and great for web-to-print, some […]

Design Hacks ā€“ Easy Color Theory

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Every so often I come across a set of resources that are incredibly helpful. This week Iā€™m on kid duty again, so I figured Iā€™d share one of my favorite resources of the year. DesignerUp shares easily accessible methods for using color well. It also has some very cool practical applications for design system theming. […]

That Design’s Not Done

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Another short one this week, as my UXPA talk is getting closer, and I’m on kid-duty as I write this. Figured I’d try something a little different this time, talking about a design that’s not done. Your design looks fine, the design looks great, and you may think it’s time to celebrate, but hold those […]