That Design’s Not Done

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Rich port (a travel picture) (1938) painting in high resolution by Paul Klee. Original from the Kunstmuseum Basel Museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Another short one this week, as my UXPA talk is getting closer, and I’m on kid-duty as I write this. Figured I’d try something a little different this time, talking about a design that’s not done.

Your design looks fine, the design looks great,
and you may think it’s time to celebrate,
but hold those horses while I extrapolate,
Son – that design’s not done.

Have you checked with users, and met known needs?
Have you tracked business strategy using stakeholder leads?
Have you reviewed with the design team to keep out of the weeds?
Son – that design’s not done.

And can your design be used by the blind?
Did you design with only English in mind?
Does the lack of overflow design put devs in a bind?
Son – that design’s not done.

And that PDF you sent isn’t dev-inspectable?
Your measurements are undetectable?
The dev team doesn’t find your design collab respectable?
Son – that design’s not done.

And it seems the design wasn’t completed right end-to-end,
and all the stakeholders don’t think you’re their friend,
and you didn’t check for spelling before you hit send,
Son – that design’s not done.

Man, your user tests are missing or weak!?
Did you even work with documentation at all this week?
Does your relationship with marketing, social, and brand reek?
Son – that design’s not done.

Oh wait. You have?

You’ve walked the walk.
And you’ve talked the talk.
My bad. It’s clear, son – you totally rock.

I wrote this for myself as much as for other designer’s sake. I often forget at least a few of the above each time I work on a design. This sort of thing is especially important for enterprise designers.

Hope you enjoyed this tangent.

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