Bye iOS, hello Android

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Over the last year, I’ve made the switch from Android 10 to iOS 15, just to see what all the hype was about. And while I found the iPhone to be generally usable, there were some really major things that made me finally want to make the switch back to Android full time. What I’ll […]

Mostly FOSS Setup Text-to-speech for Android

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While doing exploration on a larger article I’m currently writing, I realized that my FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Android ways prevented me from using most Google services. I thought this also meant Talkback, the only AT (Assistive Technology) for Android. However, on further exploration, Talkback is bundled into the “Android Accessibility Suite” which […]

De-Googling is Hard

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The longer I’m on the internet, the more companies I see misusing customer data, censoring content, and violating privacy. Censoring non-illegal content (whether you agree with it or not) and spying on US citizens through dark-pattern UX legalese strikes me as anti-American. It’s pretty concerning how much of the internet these companies control; its downright […]