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I’m Chris LaChance and I’ve been in the design field professionally since early 2001. I’ve had a blast learning and doing pretty much everything on the design spectrum. I’ve grown from a casual artist to someone who can…

  • Design websites and print ads
  • Unify and develop brands
  • Illustrate
  • Animate
  • Layout user interfaces
  • Coding CSS, Javascript and HTML
  • Manage projects and team members
  • Interview customers
  • Analyze, carry out, and measure user feedback
  • Edit audio and video
  • Write marketing content
  • Do voice-overs

To see if I’d be a good fit for your team, check out my resume, or my Predictive Index assessment (personality profile). Finally, feel free to check out some examples of my freelance & personal work below, or for examples of how I do what I do, please contact me directly.

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Freelance Work

Personal Projects

Flash-Based Media