Accessibility Jumpstart 4: Assistive Technology

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Part 4 is finally here! Previously we covered the legal and standards landscape. But how do those improve the browsing experience? Assistive technology Assistive technology (or AT for short) is any tech that turns a difficult or impossible situation into an empowering one. This is especially true for those with disabilities. The best AT provides […]

Cross-platform Dynamic Wallpapers

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This week snuck up on me, so I’ll be taking a break this from the Accessibility Jumpstart series to make sure I provide a quality resource for week 4. Dynamic wallpapers Dynamic wallpapers were first introduced in MacOS Mojave, and the time-lapse library Apple provides has been growing. Some clever people have reverse engineered the […]

Accessibility Jumpstart 3: The Law

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Welcome to part 3 of the Accessibility Jumpstart series. In part 1, we discussed what accessibility is. In part 2, we covered WCAG, the standards used for evaluating compliance. Today, we’ll be discussing which countries mandate what and some of the other issues seen in the US. The laws by country While the W3C generally […]

Accessibility Jumpstart 2: Standards

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Greetings, and welcome to part 2 of a series to help jumpstart your understanding of web accessibility. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, we covered what web accessibility is and addressed some of the misconceptions around it. This time we will be providing a brief overview of the standards governing web accessibility globally. What’s […]

Color Input Compared Cross-Browser

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As you may know, many of the HTML5 input types have been defined, but do not have a recommended or consistent experience across operating systems, nor browsers. Recently, the team at work and I discussed whether we should use the default HTML5 input type of ‘color’ or roll our own. As of December 2020, here’s […]