State of the site 2021

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Last year I started this site back up again as a place for me to post content. I’ve posted about random thoughts, design, accessibility, tips & tricks, or processes that work for me. I’d like to reflect on the state of the site so far for 2021. Goals for the state of the site 2021 […]

Common animation transitions

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A while back when reviewing common animation transitions for pages & elements I compiled a massive list of web-based motion and how I recommend you use them. Remember, using a ‘prefers-reduced-motion’ fallback doesn’t mean you must remove all animation. Reduce X or Y pixel movement and keep transition speeds gentle. Crossfades, color shifts, and blurs […]

Modding is Good for Gaming?

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I really enjoy modding my game systems and games. It’s super fun and I believe a boost to the gaming industry. I’ll tell you why. Caveat This is NOT about the piracy of games. If you don’t own it, please don’t steal it. It does happen, and it’s one of the downsides of this whole […]