Comparing CSS Width Units

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Ever wanted to know what every CSS unit looked like when compared to one another? Yeah, me too. See the Pen Various sizing units compared by Chris LaChance (@chrislachance) on CodePen. Looks like ‘Inches’ is naturally the widest fixed unit. Beyond the ‘Pixel’ value for fixed widths, none of the others seem that practical as […]

De-Googling is Hard

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The longer I’m on the internet, the more companies I see misusing customer data, censoring content, and violating privacy. Censoring non-illegal content (whether you agree with it or not) and spying on US citizens through dark-pattern UX legalese strikes me as anti-American. It’s pretty concerning how much of the internet these companies control; its downright […]

Free Section 508 eBook

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I recently needed to spend some more in-depth time with the USA’s section 508 document, but since the 508 content layout itself isn’t that nice to read, I’ve decided to convert the HTML content to an EPUB and MOBI file, so I could read it on my Kindle. Generated from the live content on […]

Live Finally

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After years offline and relying on 3rd party social media, my site is finally back online! Why I’m Back The independent web is dying. Massive (and helpful) services such as a Google, Facebook, Cloudflare, Medium, and so on are consuming everything. While this does create some ubiquity on the web, it presents a few concerning […]