Flying a Drone in 2024

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Drone launching into the sky with man below controlling in a field with a few trees at sunset.

I finally decided to buy into the drone “thing” and get myself a Holy Stone HS720G with a 4K camera. Thought it would be a cool thing to try on vacation.

However, while reviewing the comments, I noticed a comment about Remote ID as a standard in the US. While the drone has this required feature, I was surprised I now require a federal account to legally fly!

The process wasn’t so bad, but it does require a Recreational Exception type of thing from the FAA. This process costs five dollars USD, and does require you take a free TRUST test (really training you can’t fail) from any number of providers. Takes about 15 mins, took mine through Pilot Institute. You must also register your device with your FAA account and add some sort of number they provide to the outside casing of your drone.

There are some other restrictions too, such as checking your airspace before flying, not flying above 400 feet, giving way to other aircraft, not filming content for commercial or charitable reasons. Also the app they recommend no longer does anything, so they push you toward various 3rd party ones they’ve authorized.

Just kind of a “Gotcha!” that can land you in legal hot water if you didn’t know. Now to actually try the thing…

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