State of the site 2021

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Rain Landscape (1911) drawing in high resolution by Wassily Kandinsky. Original from The MET Museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel
Last year I started this site back up again as a place for me to post content. I’ve posted about random thoughts, design, accessibility, tips & tricks, or processes that work for me. I’d like to reflect on the state of the site so far for 2021.

Goals for the state of the site 2021

  • Part of my goal for this year was to write a brand-new article every week. I’m pleased to say, I’ve not missed a single week! Currently, I’m at 20+ articles this year alone! I’m very pleased with my CMS of choice, as I can write fast and push nice-quality static content.
  • I’m now posting twice a week and I’m enjoying the new “Bento” series again. Keeps the blog from being all about me, and I get to share great content from awesome sources.
  • Another goal of mine was to not JS on my site at all (for now). I’m pleased to say, I’ve kept the site JS-free so far. That means n0 cookies, Google Analytics, GDPR nonsense, nothing.
  • I’ve generally made it very easy for myself to focus on writing by reusing high-quality public domain content for my featured images. I’m also using plugins to make sure those images appear in my RSS feed. When the mood strikes, I will make an image here and there, but it doesn’t have to be my focus. When I do use or look for images, it’s a nice way to see so much quality art that may have been forgotten about. It’s a win-win for sure.
  • The entire theme of my site updates “just in time” now. If I need a fix, I extend what I have. The theme is CSS property & media query driven as well and supports dark mode natively.
  • The theme is also almost completely type-driven. Most font sizes, gaps, and layouts are now set on scaling math based on font size. Leaning on EX and CH, which I will explain in another article.
  • Most of my content is very work-focused: accessibility, design, and so on. I also like that I can post random things that I find interesting, although, not sure if they fit the scheme as well.
  • I have 100% rating in Lighthouse for accessibility and no issues in Axe-core.
  • Auto-posting is generally working for me. That means I don’t need a manual step to send new content to Twitter & LinkedIn.

What’s left to do

  • The imagery I’m using needs to be scoped to a specific category. Japanese Sumi-e will likely continue being the theme for Accessibility. Cubist-like art for Design System content. Custom art for Bento. Woodcut art for Privacy posts. Some changes on old posts may come soon.
  • I’m not super pleased with the mobile layout at the moment. It feels… janky on the list view.
  • Text-wrapping is my bane right now. Something about the way I’m handling external links is breaking it.
  • I’m a little bored of rounded boxes and want to do something more interesting.
  • Not a fan of how I’m handling imagery. There’s a bug on mobile too.
  • I’d like a real contact form on site, but not interested in collecting a bunch of spam.
  • I should update my profile page & add some case studies of work I’ve done. One day…
  • Keeping pace at 2 articles a week!
  • I would like to get into the 512KB club at some point. But ‘featured images’ don’t have a way to auto-convert to AVIF yet.
  • I’ll likely need a real search solution at some point at the rate I’m writing.

How it’s going

Sometimes I feel like the site is drudgery. Yet it has been pushing me to write, explore, and dive deep into topics I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s been a very rewarding experience and I’m glad I’ve given a lot more time to it this year.
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